Secretariat Services

Secretariet Services

Secretariat services tend to be our most popular service for our small to medium sized organisations, as it provides the efficiency of financial control whilst empowering Boards to have a more hands on role in the management of their organisations.

Need the service of an experienced Board Secretary but not the expense involved in employing one full time?  Keeping a Board running is a big job.  Not only the organisation required but also the day to day administration.

Secretariat services includes all services outlined below as required for the purpose of acting as the secretary for your Board.

  • All aspects of the Financial Control Services as stated previously.

  • Implement board directives and undertake feasibility or project assignments.

  • Attendance at Annual General Meetings or shareholders or beneficiaries and minute taking.

  • Preparation of reports to present to general meetings.

  • Calling of (in conjunction with the chairman) and attendance at trustee meetings.

  • Preparation of meeting agendas and papers including financial updates.

  • Taking minutes of all meetings.

  • Dealing with day to day administrative matters.

  • File Annual Accounts, returns and reports with regulatory authorities.

  • Keep organisation official records (minute books, deeds, constitutions etc).

  • Processing dividends or grant payments when required.

  • Manage all correspondence.

  • Handle share registry.

  • Property management.

  • Run election processes.

  • Provide general Trustee's administration support.