Accounting Services

Accounting Services

At the core of what we provide is our Accounting Services. These services ensure your organisation follows legal compliance by providing timely and accurate financial statements.  In particular the requirement of accounting standards, reporting requirements and tax.  Within the function of accounting services are two disciplines: financial accounting and management accounting.

Financial Accounting:

As a director and or trustee, it is reassuring to know you have experienced people that know how you comply with legal obligations and maintain accurate accounting records.  This allows you to rest easy and focus on developing and growing your business.

  • Completion and filing audited Annual Financial Statements with the Inland Revenue Department.

  • Annual Financial Statements also delivered to the beneficiaries of a Trust or shareholders of your organisation.

  • Registered on our firm's Inland Revenue Department tax agency listing.  This gives an extension of time for filing your income tax returns and payment of any terminal tax (including PAYE, FBT, GST, RWT).

  • Compliance with relevant legislation.

Management Accounting Services:

As a director, trustee and or manager, general management and being strategic is a major part of your role. By having available accurate information in a form that is useful at your fingertips enables you to make better decisions.

  • Accurate and timely financial reports, performance analysis and information are available to the trustees, directors and management.

  • We also monitor and interpret the financial reports and advise the management and governors in respect of adverse events.

  • Through appropriate systems, processes, and controls the risk of error or loss is minimised.

We also offer other accounting services as required to meet your requirements.  This may involve budgeting and cashflow forecasts, or advice on particular taxation issues.  Where the issues require external expert advice then we would, with your prior approval, seek that advice.