Te Whaiti Nui a Toi Trust


Andrew Te Amo (Chairman)
Doug Rewi
Renee Rewi
Peter White

SECRETARY:  Murray Patchell


Owner Survey form (as circulated in 2016)

The survey form was mailed to all owners for whom addresses are known, with the 2016 newsletter (see Newsletters below)

»Click here to download and print survey form

»Original 1974 share list (referred to in the survey form and newsletter)


The Trustees encourage owners to complete the survey which was circulated with the 2016 newsletter. You may download and print a copy from the link above.

A reply paid envelope was included. However, you may also scan and email your completed form to nzrotoruaenquiries@deloitte.co.nz (reference TWNT survey)

Extract from the 2016 newsletter:

The Trust comprises an amalgamation of 34 individual land blocks that occurred in 1974. As part of the project to help owners connect to the land we are seeking your participation by completing the survey form included with this newsletter. The original 1974 share list of 723 owners prior to amalgamation can be accessed from the link above.

All that is required is to locate which of the original owners you whakapapa to and write the owner number and name on the survey form, add your contact details and the number of your descendants and return the form to the Secretary's office.

In order to avoid duplications where your spouse or child/parent is also a Trust shareholder then just one family member should complete the form if the whakapapa to the original shareholder is the same. Explanatory notes can be included in the reply.

Once the survey forms are returned we will be able to analyse the details of the current shareholders and numbers of descendants that connect back to the original 34 land blocks. This information will then enable us to share the historical information we have with the original blocks.

Application for Licence to Occupy

Refer 2016 Newsletter below.
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Application form: Click here for Application for Licence to Occupy form


December 2016 Newsletter

Click here to view - circulated to all shareholders for whom addresses are held.

Annual Accounts (2016)
Audited annual accounts to 31 March 2016?(referred to in the newsletter)


2016 (April)
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Click here to download and view the 2015 newsletter.? A copy has been mailed to all shareholders for whom addresses are held.


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Maori Land Online - To view a list of current shareholders click here